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revolving current in an ocean, river, or lake. It may be caused by the configuration of the shore, irregularities in the bottom of the body of water, the meeting of opposing currents or tides, or the action of the wind upon the water. There are no true whirlpools really dangerous to shipping; the Maelstrom, near Norway, and CharybdisCharybdis
, in Greek mythology, a female monster. Because she stole Hercules' cattle, Zeus hurled her into the sea. There she lay under rocks across from Scylla and sucked in and spewed out huge amounts of water, creating a whirlpool.
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, near Sicily, are subjects of legend and myth, and CorrievrekinCorrievrekin
or Corryvreckan
, whirlpool in Corrievrekin passage N of Jura island, Argyll and Bute, W Scotland.
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, near Scotland, was feared by the sailors of small boats. The Whirlpool Rapids below Niagara Falls are remarkable for their volume and violence, caused by an irregularity in the Niagara River channel. There is also a whirlpool below Victoria FallsVictoria Falls,
waterfall, c.1 mi (1.6 km) wide with a maximum drop of 420 ft (128 m), in the Zambezi River, S central Africa, on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. The falls are formed as the Zambezi plummets into a narrow chasm (c.
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 in S Africa.

What does it mean when you dream about a whirlpool?

A dream in which a whirlpool poses a threat could indicate that the dreamer is resisting a confrontation with a person or situation that he or she must inevitably confront. A whirlpool can also represent being pulled unwillingly into a confrontation with repressed material in the unconscious mind.


Water in rapid rotary motion.


a powerful circular current or vortex of water, usually produced by conflicting tidal currents or by eddying at the foot of a waterfall
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