white box

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white box

(1) See white box testing and white box networking.

(2) A PC made from commonly available parts. White box marketing refers to the many small companies that assemble and sell Windows PCs (and occasionally Linux PCs) under their own brand name (or no name). These companies often take advantage of surplus motherboards, drives and other parts they can easily mix and match.

Mostly White
The "white" refers to the packing carton of the computer case, which is often white. More importantly, the carton and case are devoid of the original manufacturer's logos so that resellers can add their own if they desire.

In Decline
Due to sales of laptop and tablets, the desktop market is in decline, which also affects the white box market. Although there is a "white book" market for white box laptops, parts are not as interchangeable as desktops, and they are more difficult to support. Both the white box and white book markets are expected to continue declining. See OEM.
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Lanner uCPE white box devices are now pre-validated with the innovative NFVTime solution from Telco Systems, providing an end-to-end NFV service deployment environment optimized for SD-WAN, SD-security, QoS and other VNF applications.
Advantech's FWA-1010VC white box coupled with RAD pluggable PNFs resolve real-life challenges by enabling VNF services over a broader range of carrier access infrastructure," said John Muller, VP Sales and Business Development, Advantech Networks & Communications Group.
Centec Networks provides innovative switching silicon and white box solutions that improve SDN deployment while empowering it for carrier, enterprise and data center networks.
By supporting hardware-accelerated OVSDB in its white box network operating system, Pica8 makes it much easier for organizations to build proofs of concept for network overlays and compare different network virtualization systems.
El desempeno y calidad de una white box puede ser igual o mejor que una de marca, pues es posible ensamblarla con los elementos adecuados para la actividad principal que el usuario realice en el equipo.
Two ladies in front of us - they'd never have got jobs at White Box Media, I fear - became a little giggly at the sight of men courting rhythmically in their underwear.
Sold as a white box, the asking price is $1,950,000 or with high end finishes at asking price of $2,500,000.
Jtest eliminates the time consuming, tedious tasks of manually performing white box, black box, and regression testing.
Adaptec has begun shipping its SCSI RAID 5400S, a high-performance four-channel Ultra160 SCSI RAID card that better equips the white box industry to win business in an increasingly competitive server market.
Good Internet will be a white box, Bad Internet a red box, Chatty Internet will come in a yellow box, and Fun Internet will come in bright red, white, and blue.
Born as sub-contractors to the major manufacturers, white box makers are gaining popularity in their own right thanks to improved products and support services, bargain basement prices that are typically 20% lower than brand names, and a cheap Third World labor pool.
PC Chips says it shipped more than 15 million motherboards in 1998 for use in computers of various brand names within its group of companies or third-party white box manufacturers.