white lead

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white lead,

heavy, white substance, poisonous, insoluble in water, extensively used as a white pigmentpigment,
substance that imparts color to other materials. In paint, the pigment is a powdered substance which, when mixed in the liquid vehicle, imparts color to a painted surface.
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 and base in paints. It is one of the oldest paint pigments used by humans. Chemically, it is basic leadlead,
metallic chemical element; symbol Pb [Lat. plumbum]; at. no. 82; at. wt. 207.2; m.p. 327.502°C;; b.p. about 1,740°C;; sp. gr. 11.35 at 20°C;; valence +2 or +4.
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 carbonate, a mixture of lead carbonate and lead hydroxide. It is prepared in various ways. When used in paints, it is first ground into a fine powder and mixed with linseed oil. Its covering power is greater than that of most other white pigments, but its use has certain disadvantages. It reacts with hydrogen sulfide and some other sulfur compounds in the atmosphere, the lead combining with the sulfur to form lead sulfide, a dark substance. In paints made with white lead a chalky film is formed after some time. White lead is extremely poisonous, and painters who apply it are often afflicted with painter's colic (see lead poisoninglead poisoning
or plumbism
, intoxication of the system by organic compounds containing lead. These enter the body by respiration (of dust, fumes, or sprays) or by ingestion of food or other substances that contain lead.
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) because of the absorption of too great a quantity into the body. White lead is used also in making putty and in the manufacture of certain pottery. Sublimed white lead is the basic sulfate of lead mixed with lead oxide and zinc oxide; it is also used as a white pigment. White lead is often adulterated with barite.

White lead

An opaque white pigment, used extensively as an undercoat for exterior paint. Because it is toxic, it is now rarely used,

white lead

[′wīt ′led]
(inorganic chemistry)
Basic lead carbonate of variable composition, the oldest and most important lead paint pigment; also used in putty and ceramics.

white lead

Basic lead carbonate, used as a white opaque pigment in exterior house paints; also used in ceramics and putty; available either as a dry powder or as a mixture of turpentine and linseed oil in paste form.
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