paeonia lactiflora

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Very beautiful cup-shaped flowers, usually pink, white or red with yellow (sometimes white) stamens. Lots of varieties. Bushes can grow to look like small trees 10ft (3m) tall. Add flowers petals to your salad, soup, tea. Used for menstrual cramps, irregularities, emotional nervous conditions. Consult with expert, can be toxic if taken incorrectly.
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Another important part of the ISO's White Tea Definition is the harvesting method, which will either hand pick the buds only, whereby producing the Silver Needle type, or pluck the bud together with the first, second or even third leaf of the tender shoot, thus producing the Bai Mudan or White Peony type.
HOT STUFF: Full Bloom Collection of medium glass pillar candles, fragranced in blue iris, ruby red poppy and white peony, PS14.99 each, Yankee Candle
Investment holding company and investor in China's healthcare sector Cathay International Holdings Limited (LSE:CTI.L) announced on Monday that its subsidiary Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd (HKEX:503) has received a National Torch Program Certificate from The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China for Pafulin capsules, its core DMARD product Total Glucosides of White Peony Capsules.
A few of these helpful plants are: balloon flower (Platycodi grandiflori, Jie Geng), chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium, Ju Hua), buddleia (Buddleia officinalis, Mi Meng Hua), forsythia (Forsythia suspensa, Lian Qiao), white peony (Paeonia lactiflora, Bai Shao Yao), and red peony (Paeonia rubrae, Chi Shao Yao).
Inspired by the elegance and purity of jade, Omnia's fresh and flowery scent contains green mandarin, white peony, pear blossom, and jasmine.
In addition to devil's claw, Releviate Plus contains a highly concentrated extract of white peony root.
Containing a 50ml eau de parfum spray blending freesia, rose, orange flower, white peony, dried fig and Moroccan incense, it has the added extra of 150ml body lotion.
Bai Mudan, or "White Peony" is made from the buds that remain alter the Silver Needle has been harvested.
50 (0800 083 8416), contains Woman (tangerine, lemon, jasmine and freesia), W (fig leaf, white peony, pink orchid and raspberry) and Endurance Woman (rose, passion fruit, amber and vanilla).
White tea leaves can be tied into flower shapes to make "white peony tea;" the leaves actually appear to bloom when placed in hot water.
Q I HAVE a white peony which hasn't flowered this year and all the leaves have turned red.
be generous with this delicate blend of white peony, lily, white orchid and white musk.