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white-slave traffic:

see prostitutionprostitution,
act of granting sexual access for payment. Although most commonly conducted by females for males, it may be performed by females or males for either females or males.
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Pliley, author of the forthcoming book Policing Sexuality, for the Immigration Bureau "the problem of white slavery was really a problem with foreign prostitution.
On the level of function, Doezema posits that in the progressive era United States, myths of white slavery were potent vehicles for articulating race and gender relations.
Deeming servitude a necessary feature of Christian society, they celebrated southern enslavement of an ostensibly inferior race because it rendered white slavery thankfully unnecessary.
July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent publication of "Against Their Wills - A Diabolic White Slavery Ring is Hunted Down" is the second action/adventure novel in a chronologically unfolding series.
Her problems continue when she checks into a hotel owned by the leader of a white slavery ring in China.
Cue lots of songs - such and the well-known Baby Face - and dance routines as Millie's best-laid plans for love and life are turned on their head, as she makes new friends and encounters a white slavery trade.
Mrs Meers, who runs the hotel is busy selling orphaned women into white slavery with the assistance of Chinese henchmen, Bun Fu and Ching Ho.
The musical's focal point, Mille Dillmount, is a pert Kansas girl who moves to the big city of New York and finds herself on the brink of a white slavery ring, all the while trying to marry her boss and become a "modern" woman.
It also deals with the fascinating and seldom explored area of white slavery.
The story of how young Kansas girl Millie Dilmount arrives in New York to start a new life with the intention of marrying her boss is rather thin - even with the added ingredient of a white slavery racket - and there are no really big numbers to grip the audience.
In fact, the assaults on white slavery helped construct a hierarchy of racial groups in the U.
Not only are old men trolls, but now we are the enemy "driving the demand" of the 21st-century version of white slavery.