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white-slave traffic:

see prostitutionprostitution,
act of granting sexual access for payment. Although most commonly conducted by females for males, it may be performed by females or males for either females or males.
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Secondly, parallels can be drawn between the 'moral panic' that led to the development of the White Slavery Conventions and contemporary concerns about the 'modern day slave trade'.
This "white slavery" thesis has been echoed and elaborated in a number of articles and books, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as in television documentaries and blogs.
The claims made by the movement against "white slavery" helped create, expand, and strengthen the police powers of an array of government agencies.
With trafficking victims reaching 23,600 in Europe, Poppenreiter does her part in halting the practice by talking over the phone to the sex trade workers who enlist with Peppr if they are doing so voluntarily or are forced by white slavery rings.
A police team raided a house on Rosales Street where the girl was taken by two of the suspects for "white slavery."
In this book, Annika reveals the truth of a call girl's life; the clients, the girls, the parlor bosses, the rip-off merchants, the drug deaths, the white slavery, the discrimination, the corrupt police and politicians, the exotic travel and the money.
He also searched terms such as 'human flesh' and 'white slavery' on the Internet.
His internet research also included the best rope to tie someone up with, recipes, human flesh, white slavery and chemicals that can knock someone out, Jackson added.
But he doesn't have time to worry about such things - he's got to break up a white slavery ring this week.
The team have to crack a white slavery ring in their midst.
For immediately within the first few minutes of its opening scene, a direct association was crafted into the viewer's mind of Islam as being a religion of violence, irrational logic, white slavery and unjustifiable vendetta.