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white-slave traffic:

see prostitutionprostitution,
act of granting sexual access for payment. Although most commonly conducted by females for males, it may be performed by females or males for either females or males.
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Pliley, author of the forthcoming book Policing Sexuality, for the Immigration Bureau "the problem of white slavery was really a problem with foreign prostitution.
The team have to crack a white slavery ring in their midst.
For immediately within the first few minutes of its opening scene, a direct association was crafted into the viewer's mind of Islam as being a religion of violence, irrational logic, white slavery and unjustifiable vendetta.
From forced prostitution and white slavery, to crimes of passion, to cold-blooded murder, Wicked Western Slope is brimming with true tales of iniquity on the rough-and-tumble frontier.
The individual essays include a large number of topics: enslavement in the Ottoman Empire (approximately 1,300,000 Africans were sent as slaves to Ottoman territories in the nineteenth century), white slavery (of Christian youths, Jews and 'heretical' Mohammedans) in that same empire, slavery in China, slavery practiced by Indians before European colonisation began, slavery in the different colonies (British, French, Spanish etc.
According to Paulo Reyes, archivist and writer of World Mission's Manila office, many children work in mines, farms and factories; sell flowers and cigarettes on the streets and are even victimised by pornography and white slavery syndicates.
On the level of function, Doezema posits that in the progressive era United States, myths of white slavery were potent vehicles for articulating race and gender relations.
Trafficking portrays the moral panic of white slavery," said Kotiswaran in an interview.
84) In respect to the Northern reaction, David Donald contends that Lincoln and other Republicans mistook the "idiosyncratic" Fitzhugh as a representative thinker and erroneously claimed that the Democratic Party stood in support of white slavery.
White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast.
Deeming servitude a necessary feature of Christian society, they celebrated southern enslavement of an ostensibly inferior race because it rendered white slavery thankfully unnecessary.