white space

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white space

(1) Unused spectrum between earlier analog TV channels. See TV white spaces.

(2) Any area on a document page that does not contain text or graphics. Also called "negative space," the term was derived from printing on white paper and any part not printed remained white. To an experienced graphic designer, white space is as important as the printed areas.

(3) Non-printing characters. Applications treat white space differently. For example, each depression of the space bar generates one ASCII 32 space character, and most programs display each one as one blank space. However, Web pages (HTML pages) display multiple ASCII 32 characters as a single blank space. See non-breaking space.

(4) A void in service; for example, white spaces in the cellular industry are geographic areas without coverage.

(5) Unused space in a disk storage system. White space may refer to allocated, but unused, blocks of storage. See thin provisioning.
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TV white spaces broadband would create more options for employees, allow us to extend our recruiting, and enable rural communities to attract and retain skilled workers who will contribute locally.
They also suggested that fixed wireless and fiber connections should be for high population density areas, TV white spaces for rural communities and satellite for sparsely populated locales.
The White Space report highlighted the IBVs recent study, Inspiring Deeper Brand Enthusiasm: Your Cognitive Future in the Consumer Products Industry as an example of IBMs effect approach.
Retailers should identify white space opportunities with an eye toward balancing the assortment of store brand and national brand offerings, she adds, at the category level.
U Quick Start participants to further develop the White Space technology, establish best practices, identify applications and share approaches for community expansion activities," according to Declaration Networks Group, a member of the AIR.
The government had identified that access is important hence the push by Microsoft to introduce the utilization of White Space.
In the United States in 2010, the FCC adopted rules allowing for limited unlicensed use of white spaces and is currently looking into additional potential uses.
Tape off the outlines to leave white space in between each one.
In its new format, a typical Saturday Globe and Mail has about 7 per cent white space and a further 3 per cent of plain, solid colours (not counting photos with plain expanses).
TV white space spectrum technologies; regulations, standards, and applications.
But Johnson, co-founder and chairman of Innosight, a strategic consulting firm, defines white space a little differently: "The range of potential activities not defined or addressed by the company's model; that is, the opportunities outside the core and beyond its adjacencies that require a different business model to exploit.