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The body of white trash plays a crucial role in the
He is appalled by the loutish behaviour which can be seen in city centres across the UK on a Saturday night and White Trash Curry Kick asks us to consider that.
In the eyes of black America, Clinton is Pimping Sam gone white trash, or Shine holding court in the White House.
The white trash which Arvay embodies functions as a racial and class trope which combines the clean-dirty binary with racial and class-based identity.
8 Richard Prince (Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Schindler House, Los Angeles) At Barbara Gladstone, autographed celebrity photos in hulking Cor-Ten steel frames, suggesting the presentational strategies of the '80s, now apparently renascent; in Los Angeles, images of upstate New York white trash and their environs, elegantly installed in this temple of slightly ragged yet unimpeachably high modernist design.
The play, written by gay writer Terrence McNally, has Jesus born to a white trash Texan mother given to lewd language.
The film, a 75-minute faux documentary about a couple of white trash pest-removal experts, was made--amazingly enough--for less than $10,000 on digital video in black-and-white.
At the end of the day, employees empty their boxes into specially-marked white trash cans.
But ask Bryan "Frixy" Simons, the frontman of the up and coming rap/rock powerhouse White Trash Cowboys, and Terry ("T-Bone") Martin, the band's guitarist and Bryan's partner in musical crime, and they'll call their hometown the way they still see it: a bastion of trailer park hicks and stereotypical rednecks.
Donning a pair of pinstriped overalls, unbuttoned on one shoulder with a white T-shirt and backward baseball cap earned the singer the title of White Trash Prince by social commentary website Gawker, among other insults.
She covers the bout between convenience foods and home cooking, the Chinese-American cooking literature that confronted racism in the 1950s, kitchen rebellion in Bracken's The I Hate to Cook Book, women's natural foods cookbooks and social change, modern African-American cookbooks that fight stereotypes, the new white trash cookbooks and the new notions about being white trash, vegan food as an element of yuppie seduction, and how the Two Fat Ladies have earned the thanks of a grateful nation despite the gender bias on food-related television.
Dope, Fatso, Hobo, Hooker, Idiot, Low Life, Loser, Poor White Trash, Roach, Slime Ball, Slime, Stupid and Tramp - all names you'd come to expect on the back of a Raiders fan's jersey - won't be tolerated, you imbecile.