white walnut

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Tree up to 80ft (24m) with opposite leaves and sticky, egg-shaped fruit. Inner bark used as astringent to stop bleeding, rheumatism, pain. Nuts and bark are antiseptic, used to expel tapeworms, fungus, tumors.
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butternut, white walnut

A moderately soft, medium-textured, low-density wood of light to pale brown color. The walnut-like grain is used particularly for decorative veneer.
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Butternut often has been catted the "white walnut" or the "other walnut." A member of the walnut family, it has a rich, warm buttery tan color and a satin-like luster.
More threatened than even the American chestnut, the "white walnut" may be headed for the Endangered Species list.
In addition to Juglans regia, other walnuts of note incLude butternut or white walnut (Juglans cindera) and California walnut (Juglans hindsii), a fast-growing walnut along the West Coast.