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(1) A list of email addresses that a mail server or email client program is configured to accept as valid, incoming mail. Also called a "safe senders list," Email filtering that relies entirely on whitelists is severely restricted because only messages from addresses on the list are allowed, and all the rest are discarded. See spam filter. Contrast with blacklist.

(2) A list of valid domain names that a mail server is configured to accept. All mail from users with that domain are allowed. Contrast with blacklist.

(3) A list of websites that are allowed to be accessed. A company can configure its routers and firewalls to allow only certain websites to be accessed, because they relate to business. Contrast with blacklist.

(4) A list of applications that a user is authorized to run in an organization. Maintained by the system or network administrator, when the application is run, software in the user's computer may check the program for integrity to ensure it has not been compromised. Contrast with blacklist.
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Sites can be added to a permanent whitelist for Flash that allows it to run by default, and Google will include 10 popular sites that require Flash on the whitelist to start; for example Amazon and Facebook.
If the number of nodes accessing a specific server exceeds some pre-defined threshold, then the whitelist is constructed for that server.
Viewfinity Application Control effectively minimizes the impact on end user productivity and the amount of time IT must spend managing the whitelist profile.
While in this account, open your email program's Whitelist feature.
Whitelist normally denotes a list of acceptable contacts while blacklists are those who are banned.
In addition, a message from someone who is not on the whitelist can get to the Inbox, if the sender passes an antispam check to be added to the address book without waiting for confirmation from the account owner, the company said.
4 allows updates to its whitelist when it detects that Deep Freeze has entered into a Thawed (unprotected) state, which allows authorized software and updates to be installed and retained on the computer.
The whitelist sees the correct character string, says "O.
The Whitelist and Blacklist are the standard lists used to automatically tag an email as legitimate or spam depending on what criteria it meets.
The irony comes from the fact that Adblock Plus has a history of being accused of taking payments to whitelist ads from large companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and ad-serving company Taboola, The Next Web reports.
Either way, this combination of a particular privilege and a status as acceptable and trustworthy is the dictionary definition of a whitelist (Oxford Dictionary online; also Bedford in this issue).