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(1) A list of email addresses that a mail server or email client program is configured to accept as valid, incoming mail. Also called a "safe senders list," Email filtering that relies entirely on whitelists is severely restricted because only messages from addresses on the list are allowed, and all the rest are discarded. See spam filter. Contrast with blacklist.

(2) A list of valid domain names that a mail server is configured to accept. All mail from users with that domain are allowed. Contrast with blacklist.

(3) A list of websites that are allowed to be accessed. A company can configure its routers and firewalls to allow only certain websites to be accessed, because they relate to business. Contrast with blacklist.

(4) A list of applications that a user is authorized to run in an organization. Maintained by the system or network administrator, when the application is run, software in the user's computer may check the program for integrity to ensure it has not been compromised. Contrast with blacklist.
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(iii) Flow filter: the filter performs 5-tuple-based access control with the flow whitelist at the network layer.
While in this account, open your email program's Whitelist feature.
Whitelist normally denotes a list of acceptable contacts while blacklists are those who are banned.
First, the presented webpage is verified against a blacklist and a whitelist. Afterwards, some simple heuristics are runned on the webpage's content, to check whether this page would actually try to mimic an official log-in page (e.g.
User Checklist FEATURE BENEFITS/DRAWBACKS Whitelist senders Users can preapprove preferred senders Blacklist senders Users can block undesirable senders Manual approval Users can view and approve e-mails awaiting authentication Automatic updates Lists updated as senders respond to e-mail Password Users log into personal settings using username and protected password
If a relationship can be found, FairUCE checks the recipients whitelist and blacklist, as well as the domain's reputation, to determine whether to accept, reject, challenge on reputation, or present the user with a set of whitelist/blacklist options.
Spam Monitor automatically adds to your whitelist the people whom you correspond with frequently.
A whitelist includes trusted contacts that are allowed in, and the unknown senders are held in a waiting list until they respond to a confirmation mailing sent by the TMDA software, If the confirmation is approved, the unknown sender is added to the whitelist.
Earlier Friday (Seoul time), Japan decided to remove South Korea from its "whitelist" of nations given preferential treatment in export procedures, further escalating trade and political tensions between the two countries.
AppCrypt also allows users to create a website access whitelist. If you only want your kids to use educational sites and other kid-friendly sites on Mac, you can add these sites to the whitelist in AppCrypt.
Hafez pointed out that taking a whitelist approach might be a better way to go, i.e.
The whitelist will expire after a year, according to technical program manager Anthony Laforge.