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(From the colour it produces on white paper) Any contiguous sequence of spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and/or line feeds. Whitespace might also possibly include form feed characters. The term is common on Unix.

See also non-printing character.
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white space

(1) Unused spectrum between earlier analog TV channels. See TV white spaces.

(2) Any area on a document page that does not contain text or graphics. Also called "negative space," the term was derived from printing on white paper and any part not printed remained white. To an experienced graphic designer, white space is as important as the printed areas.

(3) Non-printing characters. Applications treat white space differently. For example, each depression of the space bar generates one ASCII 32 space character, and most programs display each one as one blank space. However, Web pages (HTML pages) display multiple ASCII 32 characters as a single blank space. See non-breaking space.

(4) A void in service; for example, white spaces in the cellular industry are geographic areas without coverage.

(5) Unused space in a disk storage system. White space may refer to allocated, but unused, blocks of storage. See thin provisioning.
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Broadband initiatives in Blairlogie and Gartness are at design stage, while Stronachlachar and East Loch Lomond are set to test 4G and whitespace technologies.
Whitespace general manager Glenn McClements said: "We genuinely weren't expecting to win Company of the Year.
Other speakers at the event included Philip Lockwood-Holmes, managing partner at digital creative agency Whitespace, David Hill, an account director at Spotify, and Alexander Ayres, a senior business strategist at Snapchat.
Using TV whitespace spectrum to practice telemedicine: A promising technology to enhance broadband internet connectivity within healthcare facilities in rural regions of developing countries.
Topics on the agenda include how companies can use data to its full potential with a session by Chris Howard, Group Product Director at Dentsu Aegis Network; latest developments in augmented and virtual reality, with presentations from Philip Lockwood-Holmes and Chris McIntyre of digital creative agency Whitespace. Alexander Ayres of Snapchat will also discuss tactics for working across platforms to increase revenue and exceed customers' expectations.
Sco Non Sco O/seas Total 0 Sco Non Sco O/seas Total specialist banking 220 2018 2017 176 On the domestic front, the period also saw a number of UK firms buying Scottish businesses including media group Dentsu Aegis Network acquiring Edinburgh-based creative agency, Whitespace.
Tucked away in the basement of its Vancouver headquarters is a lab called Whitespace, the retailer's research and development skunkworks.
"This reflects our strong pipeline of marketing, new product and whitespace initiatives now in the marketplace, backed by investments in capabilities we have been making for brand and category advantage.
The interactive projects curated by A Whitespace Creative Agency will feature experiential platforms that explore ideas influenced by the essence of Lagos.
To be held in Whitespace Manila, Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City on September 29, The Body Love Revolution Conference aims to take a deeper look into a wide array of topics surrounding body love.
"The creation of a Toy City concept to complement our temporary seasonal retail strategy is a logical extension of our brand; one that will allow us to leverage our existing pop-up store capabilities and capitalize on the category whitespace that has recently been created," Party City CEO James Harrison said in a statement.
"With a chronic condition like COPD there is often lack of information for days or months between appointments, which we call the 'whitespace void', during which the doctor has to rely on anecdotal evidence or, at best, inaccurate paper diaries detailing the patient's condition," he said.