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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

"Widdershins" is the term for moving in a counterclockwise direction (clockwise is termed deosil). In many Witchcraft traditions moving widdershins within the ritual Circle is forbidden, yet it is acceptable in other traditions. For some Witches a widdershins movement is necessary for uncrossing and for banishing spells, and it is even used by some covens when casting a Circle in the waning phase of the moon.

The word comes from the Anglo-Saxon with sith, meaning "to walk against." It is regarded by many as unlucky since it goes against the natural rotation of the sun. Rosemary Ellen Guiley suggests that a widdershins movement is used in necromantic rituals, when a magician is conjuring with corpses in an effort to discover future events.

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Like its counter-clockwise namesake, Widdershins has a taste that's totally backwards," says Emily Armstrong of Left Hand.
This well known and well loved tale, made popular by the Ladybird Classic - has been re-heeled by Theatre of Widdershins in their own inimitable style using a beautifully crafted set and puppets.
For instance, Elves and the Shoemaker by Theatre of Widdershins proved a hit at the Festival with its story of down-at-heel cobbler Elvis Schumaker set against the backdrop of a beautifully-cafted set, puppet cast, music and a kaleidoscope of miniature shoes.
Ring-a-ring-a-widdershins, Whirlin', skirlin' widdershins De'il tak' the hindmost, Wha'er she be.
Widdershins remarkably and deftly splices traditional fairy myths with Native American history.
In addition to McBain's Final Curtain--a country house murder tale featuring scary men in trenchcoats--the line-up included Joseph Goodrich's death-in-Paris stumper Panic; Don Nigro's Widdershins, set in Edwardian Wales; and David Foley's If/Then, which boasts a twisty blackmailer plot.
When you read 'Boy in a Jute-Sack Hood', you'll notice a reference to "the Queen of Sheba leading her soft camels widdershins round the kirk-yaird".
Tickets: adults pounds 7, children pounds 5Saturday, October 8, 11am and 1pm: Theatre Of Widdershins - Rumpelstiltskin Using puppets, props and storytelling, this magical new show tells the tale made famous by the Brothers Grimm.
He who hesitates is lost," according to Captain Widdershins.
despite giving a letter-perfect spelling of widdershins (meaning ``counterclockwise'') in the oral competition.
Walking the ins and outs of bays and capes, recalling sailors' talk, one would arrive at the first-order generalization self-contained, aware of moving either clockwise or counterclockwise, or rather (this antedates clocks) deasil or widdershins, directions more immediate for island dwellers than compass points or (compasses too) the apparently single-minded career of the Sun, whose chariot plunges across while I go round and round; and discover, despite the senses' endless record of detail, the shore as a closed curve.