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In communications, wideband is defined as a higher rate of transmission in contrast to a lower "narrowband" rate. The metrics are different depending on the type of communications, and the lower and upper limits change as time and technology advance forward.

For example, a radio channel of 25 kHz or higher has been considered wideband, and everything below to be narrowband. In digital transmission, rates above T1 speeds (1.544 Mbps) were wideband at one time.

Wide Means Narrow and Short
Wideband implies higher frequency, which is why Verizon calls its high-frequency 5G service "Ultra Wideband." However, high frequencies mean a narrow wavelength and short transmission distance. Narrow and short seem contradictory to the expansive sound of "wide" in wideband, but all of this terminology has been around a long time. Contrast with narrowband and broadband. See wavelength, 5G UWB and wideband audio.
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In this letter, a microstrip short-circuited-stub loaded ring resonator (SCSL-RR) and tapped feed lines are utilized together to develop a novel compact wideband BPF.
With the baseband signal generator, the transmission terminal generates wideband signals and transmits them after being transformed into radio-frequency signals with the signal source.
The PXA's wideband IF output extends the 89600 VSA's analysis bandwidth to 900 MHz for input signals with frequencies from 3.6 to 50 GHz.
The ultra wideband radar has resolution abilities (J.
"Wireless receiver designers typically have had to choose between an active mixer, which offers excellent wideband operation and moderate spurious-free dynamic range, or a passive mixer, which has greater SFDR performance but much narrower operating bandwidth," said Peter Real, vice president, Linear and RF products, Analog Devices.
"By supporting super wideband audio, the new Logitech headsets H555 and H530 help make your Internet and video calls sound crystal clear.
"This SenarioTek offering represents a significant breakthrough in giving our customers a standard, yet highly customisable solution, for demanding wideband radar and satellite-test applications," said Lynne Camp, vice-president of Performance Products at Tektronix.
Wideband or "high-definition" audio spans a range twice that of traditional PSTN voice, and has arrived with the proliferation of broadband voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
This audio pickup device for video conferencing systems offers 360-degree voice pickup with patented StereoSurround 14 kHz wideband audio, automatic directional pickup for speakers and three times the room coverage of unidirectional ceiling microphones.
The Signal Studio software's recent release includes WiMAX, UWB and wideband signal corrections.
Under the Midband to Highband Power Amplifier co-operative agreement between the Army Communications-Electronics Command and Northrop Grumman, the amplifier will include support for the Wideband networking Waveform that is currently under development by the Joint Tactical Radio System Cluster 1 programme.

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