wideband audio

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wideband audio

A digitial voice signal with a greater range of frequencies. Also branded as "HD Voice" by Polycom, the narrowband 300-3400 Hz frequency range of the traditional "toll quality" telephone call was broadened to 50-7000 Hz for wideband audio.

Desk phones, smartphones and tablets increasingly support wideband audio to enhance the audio in a voice over IP (VoIP) phone call or the audio in a video call. Ordinary microphones and the analog-to-digital converters (ADC) in a computer's sound card are not limited to narrowband frequencies. This is why a voice over IP (VoIP) phone call from PC to PC often provides superior voice clarity than a traditional landline call and especially a regular cellphone call. See G.722.

First in Europe
Starting in 2009, cellular carriers in Europe and around the world added support for wideband voice, while U.S. carriers delayed deployment until 2013.
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For external communications, the company will provide the wideband audio network data switching system for automated switching of any source to any radio.
The headset also supports stereo sound and super wideband audio quality for vibrant, lifelike conversations, while providing hearing protection for call-center agents.
It boasts a one-button control screen and is a "simple SIP client that usesVoIP to make it possible for field users to send wideband audio from their cellphones over cellular and Wi-Fi networks," the company says.
Today's SHINCOM offers tremendous capacity including voice, wideband audio (e.g.
Plus, support for wideband audio ensures compatibility with HD Voice-enabled smartphones.
VoLTE networks are fully supported for both voice quality and one-way delay measurements, while also confirming, using the VQuad[TM] Audio Analysis function, the VoLTE network maintained Wideband audio during the entire call."
During the event, musicians and DJs will be equipped with Sony MDR-1A headphones engineered to give an ultra wideband audio performance while guests are to use either the MDR-XB450AP or MDR-XB450BV from the Extra Bass line, which offers a vibrating bass beat without the annoying distortions.
The new 8088 Smart DeskPhone includes advanced features for intuitive and comfortable access to wideband audio and HD video conversations.
Communications via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can readily employ wideband audio. When PC-to- PC calls are placed via VoIP services, such as Skype, and the participants use a high-quality headset, the resulting call quality can be noticeably superior to conventional telephony calls.
The latest release of the vendor's enhanced VoIP and T1 El platform applications offers G.722 Wideband Audio Codec support.
Some features, such as wideband audio, can't be used unless there is IP at both endpoints.

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