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, widgeon
1. a Eurasian duck, Anas penelope, of marshes, swamps, etc., the male of which has a reddish-brown head and chest and grey and white back and wings
2. American wigeon a similar bird, Anas americana, of North America, the male of which has a white crown



(Anas penelope), a bird of the family Anatidae. The widgeon is about 55 cm long and usually weighs from 650 to 800 g, sometimes as much as 1 kg. It is widely distributed in Europe and Asia, primarily in the forest zone, more rarely in the tundra zone; it also nests along the steppe lakes of Kazakhstan, in the Crimea, and in Transcaucasia. It feeds mainly on the green parts of plants and on rhizomes. The widgeon is considered a game bird.

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The Grumman Aircraft Company specialized in building legendary seaplanes, starting with the Albatross, which was the largest, then down in size to the Mallard, the Goose and finally the Widgeon.
EWHC was isolated from a Eurasian widgeon in a large lake where many widgeons were found dead.
Wildlife viewing can be good here: from shore or a boat, check the inlets and coves for pintails, widgeons, and flotillas of white pelicans, as well as black-tailed deer and the occasional bobcat.
For several weeks no additional deaths were observed, but from July 22 to July 30, six Siberian red-breasted geese and 2 American widgeons died after displaying neurologic signs.
We detected virus from the oral cavity of 1 of the live, clinically ill Eurasian widgeons.
Cohort B was a group of 12 ducks and 18 geese (9 Siberian red-breasted geese, 2 bar-headed geese, 6 Ross geese, 1 blue goose, 6 Eurasian widgeons, 1 wood duck, 1 redhead duck, 1 Barrow's goldeneye, 2 blue-winged teals, and 1 northern shoveler) housed continuously at the outbreak site; these birds were from the same 3 pens where the bird deaths occurred.
The farm operator identified the American widgeon, Eurasion widgeon, blue-winged teal, and green-winged teal as hatch-year birds.