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1. a woman who has survived her husband, esp one who has not remarried
2. (in some card games) an additional hand or set of cards exposed on the table
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What does it mean when you dream about a widow?

It has been said that a woman dreaming about being a widow can represent either fear of losing a husband or a desire to be free of one’s marriage. The same meaning can be extended to a man dreaming about being a widower.

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References in classic literature ?
'"There's a very nice ham," said the widow, "and a beautiful cold larded fowl.
His admiration of the widow increased as she spoke.
'"His name is Jinkins, Sir," said the widow, slightly blushing.
'"He is a very fine man, Sir," replied the widow, "and a very nice gentleman."
'"Is there anything more you want, Sir?" inquired the widow, rather puzzled by Tom's manner.
'The widow looked much amazed, but she sat down, and Tom sat down too, close beside her.
"You deserve a very admirable husband, and whoever he is, he'll be a very lucky man." As Tom said this, his eye involuntarily wandered from the widow's face to the comfort around him.
'The widow looked more puzzled than ever, and made an effort to rise.
"IF--" "'Well," said the widow, laughing outright this time, "WHEN I do, I hope I shall have as good a husband as you describe."
'"I am sure nobody who knows him, knows anything bad of him," said the widow, bridling up at the mysterious air with which Tom had spoken.
'The widow began to think it was high time to cry, so she took out her handkerchief, and inquired whether Tom wished to insult her, whether he thought it like a gentleman to take away the character of another gentleman behind his back, why, if he had got anything to say, he didn't say it to the man, like a man, instead of terrifying a poor weak woman in that way; and so forth.
'"What is it?" inquired the widow, looking intently in Tom's countenance.