widow's mite

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widow’s mite

poor woman’s contribution of all she had. [N.T.: Mark, 12: 42–44; Luke 21:2–4]
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The Widow's mite accompanied by intentional prayer can make a huge difference!"
Money came from all over the world including a cheque for PS100 from New York and, echoes of the Widow's Mite, a postal order for sixpence from "An OAP, Yorkshire".
What makes me hopping mad is that while Mrs Stanton is refused a comparative widow's mite, well-heeled pregnant African women fly into Britain, stay with friends until they go into labour, then present themselves as emergencies - and, of course, no doctor or midwife will turn away a woman in extremis.
In my book, the widow's mite trumps Evans' conspicuous donors every time - and the same goes to all of you out with the collecting buckets this cold morning.
Jesus showed this rule in various stories and parables: feeding the 5,000, the woman brought before him accused of adultery, the rich man and Lazarus, the parable of the lost son, the servant's wages, his grief over his friend Lazarus, his praise for the widow's mite, washing his disciples feet, his healing of the soldier's ear in Gethsemane, his kindness to the malefactor executed by his side, and so on.
As an editor, my experience of newspaper appeals always concluded in the 'little folk' giving proportionately far more than the great and good - a case of Widow's Mite versus Millionaire's Might?
If you soon made another $5 gift, you are immediately moved, involuntarily, into the Widow's Mite Club, which is a low-dollar club based on the Bible story of the widow's mite.
She said despite difficult economic conditions, she believes the money can be raised: "It is a difficult time but this place was built on a widow's mite, on small amounts.
The widow's mite (Mark 12:42) is not the smallest insect mentioned in the Bible.
Although the story of the widow's mite has traditionally been interpreted as Jesus praising the widow's extreme generosity, many theologians insist that Jesus is actually condemning a system that is based on the exploitation of the vulnerable--and then disguised as God's will.
Be it the 'widow's mite' or the millionaire's largess.