widow's mite

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widow’s mite

poor woman’s contribution of all she had. [N.T.: Mark, 12: 42–44; Luke 21:2–4]
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As an editor, my experience of newspaper appeals always concluded in the 'little folk' giving proportionately far more than the great and good - a case of Widow's Mite versus Millionaire's Might?
If you soon made another $5 gift, you are immediately moved, involuntarily, into the Widow's Mite Club, which is a low-dollar club based on the Bible story of the widow's mite.
She said despite difficult economic conditions, she believes the money can be raised: "It is a difficult time but this place was built on a widow's mite, on small amounts.
The widow's mite (Mark 12:42) is not the smallest insect mentioned in the Bible.
Although the story of the widow's mite has traditionally been interpreted as Jesus praising the widow's extreme generosity, many theologians insist that Jesus is actually condemning a system that is based on the exploitation of the vulnerable--and then disguised as God's will.
Among their number are the stories of the widow's mite and the rich young ruler, and Jesus' anti-family-values speech here in Luke 12.
It's kind of like the widow's mite," said Faith McNulty, whose family is one of 10 now sleeping in area churches as part of First Place's Interfaith Shelter Program.
I, for one, have little interest in seeing my widow's mite earn a paltry 6 to 7 percent per annum, but if I knew I had a chance of going out in style, I'd fork over my life's savings to federally mandated hedge fund managers.
For you Biblical scholars, the parallel is the widow's mite, or in Doris's case, the widow who well might with pounds 50 up her kilt.
The move has been described as a brutal political move, to deprieve those in grief of receiving their widow's mite.
I do think that not having any kind of biblical education is unfortunate if children want to read English literature and understand the provenance of phrases like "through a glass darkly," "all flesh is as grass," "the race is not to the swift," "crying in the wilderness," "reaping the whirlwind," "amid the alien corn," Eyeless in Gaza," "Job's comforters," and "the widow's mite.