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1. a woman who has survived her husband, esp one who has not remarried
2. (in some card games) an additional hand or set of cards exposed on the table

What does it mean when you dream about a widow?

It has been said that a woman dreaming about being a widow can represent either fear of losing a husband or a desire to be free of one’s marriage. The same meaning can be extended to a man dreaming about being a widower.

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Shanti Sharma, 66, who was widowed at the age of 45, has been living in Vrindavan ever since.
The foundation was established in 1997 by Raj and Veena Loomba in honor of Loomba's mother, who was widowed at the age of 37 in India when her husband died of tuberculosis and raised her seven children by herself.
In the secondary plot, Tharsalio, an impoverished gentleman-rogue, wins the hand of Eudora, a widowed countess, by assuming correctly that her desires are far stronger than her grief, her vows of chastity, or her pride.
But the new rules only apply to women and men widowed after April 2006.
The poverty of widowed mothers is one of the root causes of child poverty, and the reason why so many children are withdrawn from school.
With over 1 million people widowed in the United States every year, this book provides the necessary support for those who need more than the advice and comfort of friends and family.
The preliminary section, for instance, is fascinating, detailing how early Christian authors appropriated the Roman vidua--a term originally applied to all single women, unmarried, widowed, or divorced--and limited it to the sole meaning of a woman whose husband had died.
Using surveys and medical data, Wilcox's group first focused on the responses of 72,247 women who had been widowed in the past year, widowed for more than 1 year, or married.
They are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and their special relationship has served as an inspiration for a lot of our seniors who are widowed,'' said Danziger, director of ONE.
Yet some women were clearly engaged in the cloth trade for commercial purposes, for on 7 August 1527, Janebra de Barros, resident of Vyanaa, was registered owing 800 reis on import duties, while Maria Fernandez, widowed lady living in Vyvyanaa, owed 340 reis for her imported cargo of textiles.
Of course, one might suppose that the Widow has been widowed in a second marriage or that within Kamba kinship patterns Debba's "father" could be someone other than the husband of her mother--perhaps a paternal uncle.
Under the plans, announced by Secretary of State John Reid, widows will receive pounds 2,000 for every year they have been widowed to date or up to remarriage.