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The widower then finding Mrs General both inconvenient and expensive, became of a sudden almost as much affected by her merits as the archdeacon had been, and circulated such praises of her surpassing worth, in all quarters where he thought an opportunity might arise of transferring the blessing to somebody else, that Mrs General was a name more honourable than ever.
Mr Dorrit's bankers, as bankers of the county- widower, instantly said, 'Mrs General.
But now," he said, "that you are a widower, your wife's connection cannot injure you.
Letterblair was a widower, and they dined alone, copiously and slowly, in a dark shabby room hung with yellowing prints of "The Death of Chatham" and "The Coronation of Napoleon.
Nor did it strike me as very strange, after a moment's reflection, that she should intercede thus earnestly for a band headed by her own mother's widower, prime scoundrel of them all though she knew him to be.
There are three old widowers at home who have been casting sheep's eyes at me for some time.
Reacting to news that Loguancio was missing for more than 24 hours before the public were warned, Jill's heartbroken widower Tom vented his fury in an angry online rant.
THE widower of a Midland doctor who died of cancer is taking on the Department of Health in a landmark pensions battle which could cost the government pounds 1 billion.
The Widower's Toolbox: Repairing Your Life After Losing Your Spouse" is a guide for the recent widower who is devastated at their loss and unsure of how to recover.
Summary: Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed appeared in court today charged with rape.
Owen McCann, 39, is accused of the attempted murder of widower Beaumont Lodge at his Clayton West home in March.