wild ass's skin

wild ass’s skin

assures the fulfillment of its possessor’s wishes, but with a fatal result. [Fr. Lit.: Balzac The Wild Ass’s Skin in Magill II, 1133]
See: Magic
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The nineteenth century is represented by Balzac's 1831 La Peau de chagrin, a novel whose untranslatable title is sometimes rendered The Wild Ass's Skin, as well as Barbey d'Aurevilly's 1849 Le Dessous des cartes d'une partie de whist and Paul Bourget's 1889 short piece "Un Joueur" (included in translation as "A Gambler" in an appendix to this volume).
Other notable novels in the series include Les Chouans (1829), La Peau de chagrin (1831; Wild Ass's Skin, The), and Le Medecin de campagne (1833; Country Doctor, The).