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(Said of people, computers, algorithms, programs) (To be) a success at a given task.

E.g. "WYSIWYG is a clear win for small documents".

"winnitude" is the quality that something which wins has. "winning" is often (ab)used as an adjective.

Synonyms: cuspy, elegant. Antonym: lose. Compare lossy, lossless.
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(1) A short name for Windows versions; for example, Win7 and Win10. In the 1990s, the executable program name for Windows 3.0 and 3.1 was WIN.EXE, which was typed in after DOS booted. Microsoft surely enjoyed having millions of people type "win" every time they launched Windows. See Windows 3.0.

(2) All the Windows "how to's" in this encyclopedia contain a "Win" prefix.

(3) (WIN) (Wireless Intelligent Network) A control system for cellular phone networks. Also known as IS-41 and ANSI-41, WIN and EDGE were key elements in the UWC-136 initiative. See UWC Consortium.
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There has been a great deal of work behind the scenes to ensure that those hell-bent on violence don't win the day.
"Large companies often forget that they're doing business with humans and feel that a Website and a customer relationship management (CRM) system will win the day," says Burns-Thevenot.
"In the end I'm confident if the government follows their policy objectives and lives up to the evaluation objectives, our plan will win the day," Stevens says.
Superior technology does not win the day by itself; strong marketing, promotion, and positioning are an undebatable must.
In a "one man, one vote" system, however, having good arguments and being persuasive may not be enough to win the day. One also has to be a good coalition builder who can enlist powerful allies on your side.
Most great clowns play the underdog: Chaplin and Keaton have to overcome great odds to win the day, and even W.C.