wind catcher

wind scoop, wind catcher

A device, especially found in hot regions of the Middle East, that ventilates a house by the use of wind. A small tower on the roof contains an opening that faces the prevailing wind, which is at a cooler temperature than the interior of the house. Because the wind velocity at this opening is greater than it is at the lower windows of the house, air in the shaft of the tower is forced down the shaft to cool the house.
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4 Follow path through area of elder and hawthorn, towards the wind catcher. Bear right, back to start.
Josh Price, a senior analyst at Height Capital Markets' energy and utilities team, noted that the Texas Public Utility Commission rejected American Electric Power s proposed $4.5 billion Wind Catcher project last year, after questioning whether the benefits justified its cost.
International Resource News-July 30, 2018--American Electric Power to withdraw Wind Catcher project
American Electric Power announced that it is canceling the Wind Catcher project as a result of the Public Utility Commission of Texas' July 26 decision to deny approval of the project.
O'Guinn to affirm Southwestern Electric Power Co.'s blueprint for the Wind Catcher project.
Wind catcher is one of the symbols for Iranian vernacular architecture, it is a device that flow the air inside the building and catches the outside air and leads it to the indoor space.
O-ring, clapper, and wind catcher, also known as a feather.
Another element of hot and dry climate architecture is wind catcher. Wind catcher is located on the roof and is used to cool, heat and ventilate the structure.
In her paper Ruba Asir, founder of Asir Architects-Sustainable Solutions Office, revisits the concept of cooling method by means of Wind Catcher passively utilizing the renewable energy of wind to cool spaces using the office building in Amman as a model.
Monitoring has shown that the glacier in Valais is shrinking by seven metres a year: The "wind catcher" could slow or even stop the thaw, they say.
A wind catcher also can be an elegant solution where windows aren't oriented well for capturing breezes.