wind force

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wind load

The total force exerted by the wind on a structure or part of a structure.
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Thereafter, taking into account the wind force, a station with the proper parameters will be installed," he added.
In the case of driving in the weather of strong wind, driving behavior always has been affected not only by the vehicle ahead, but also in a large degree by the wind force on vehicle.
where [M.sub.v] [C.sub.v], [K.sub.v] are the mass, damping, and stiffness matrices (222 x 222) of the maglev vehicle; [f.sub.v] is the interaction forces vectors acting on the maglev vehicle due to the electromagnetic forces [DELTA][F.sub.ejkz] and [DELTA][F.sub.ejky]; [f.sub.w] is the wind force only acting on the cabin in (1a)-(1f).
Comparison of structural performance of the two systems is presented to establish the suitability of the cable bracing system as a part of the wind force resisting system.
"TIKE gives a succinct picture by taking into account the number of tropical cyclones in the season, the duration of each tropical cyclone and the time history of the wind force over a large area surrounding each tropical cyclone.
Which admiral gave his name to the scale that describes wind force? 5.
The cost of developing wind force energy is much lower than that for the solar energy and that is the major advantage of wind force energy.
"We've also had some strong winds blowing in from the west with the wind force getting up to 45mph and even some isolated gusts up to 50mph over the top of the M62.
Wind force at ground level on a level surface is low.
Beaufort's wind force scale was in regular use, but it wasn't until 1838 that a revised form was made mandatory in log entries of ships in the Royal Navy.
In a report called Wind Force 12--jointly launched by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA) and Greenpeace--it was demonstrated that by 2020 wind power can deliver 12 percent of the world's electricity, develop into an annual EUR75 billion business and create close to two million jobs.
As of noon, Typhoon Malakas was located about 600 km northeast of Japan's easternmost island in the Pacific, moving northeast at 30 kph, with an atmospheric pressure of 992 hPa and a wind force of about 72 kph near its center, according to the agency.