wind force

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wind load

The total force exerted by the wind on a structure or part of a structure.
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Comparison of structural performance of the two systems is presented to establish the suitability of the cable bracing system as a part of the wind force resisting system.
Beaufort's wind force scale was in regular use, but it wasn't until 1838 that a revised form was made mandatory in log entries of ships in the Royal Navy.
In a report called Wind Force 12--jointly launched by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA) and Greenpeace--it was demonstrated that by 2020 wind power can deliver 12 percent of the world's electricity, develop into an annual EUR75 billion business and create close to two million jobs.
As of noon, Typhoon Malakas was located about 600 km northeast of Japan's easternmost island in the Pacific, moving northeast at 30 kph, with an atmospheric pressure of 992 hPa and a wind force of about 72 kph near its center, according to the agency.
The scenario of the two associations, called Wind Force 12, is based on an increase of unit power of wind generators to 1.
Each style was tested regarding flow rate of water, load bearing capabilities, and wind force.
Private joint developer of utility wind energy projects with EMG, the power generator of Edison International (NYSE:EIX), US Wind Force LLC and Edison Mission Energy (EME) began constructing the 23-turbine Pinnacle Wind Farm at NewPage on Green Mountain near Keyser, West Virginia, the companies declared on Monday.
Dr Dennis Wheeler, of Sunderland University, said: "The observations from the logbooks on wind force and weather are astonishingly good and often better than modern logbooks.
Luckless jockey Tony Dobbin was ruled out by a crash in the previous race on Wind Force and trainer Gordon Richards had no hesitation in asking Dwyer to stand in.
Holyhead Coastguard Rob Cramp said: "The weather wasn't that bad, there was a slight sea and swell but it would've been normal swimming conditions with a wind force of about three.
We'd madeno claims on our building insurance for 26 years, but whenmy husband phoned he was informed that the wind force in Scotland that day was not strong enough for a claim.