wind gauge

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wind gauge

1. another name for anemometer
2. Music a device for measuring the wind pressure in the bellows of an organ
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Wind Gauge


an instrument used to determine the direction and velocity of the wind.

Wind direction (see Figure 1) is determined from the position of a pointer consisting of two vanes (1) arranged at an angle and a counterweight (2). The pointer is attached to a metal tube (3) and rotates freely on a steel rod. Wind causes the pointer to orient itself in such a way that the counterweight faces the direction of the oncoming wind. Mounted on the rod is a sleeve (4) with pegs pointing to the principal points of the compass. The direction of the wind is determined from the position of the counterweight relative to the pegs.

Figure 1

The velocity of the wind is measured with the aid of a metal plate or wooden board (6) that hangs plumb from a horizontal pin (5). The plate rotates about the vertical axis together with the pointer; wind causes it to be oriented perpendicular to the flow of air. Deviation of the plate from the plumb position is determined by the force, or speed, of the wind; the deviation angle can be read from the arc (7).

Wind gauges are mounted on masts 10–12 m above ground level.


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The hunter's range finder said the distance was 700 yards, and his wind gauge allowed him to figure the correct wind-age compensation.
* I use my wind gauge to practice guessing wind speed and angle from what I feel on my face.
Yes, I still feel angry there was a faulty wind gauge in Edmonton - it shouldn't have happened.
This gun features a tang-mounted vernier rear aperture, and a spirit level front sight with wind gauge. This latest addition to the 1885 lineup has, between the High and Low Wall variants, brought the number of 19th century cartridge chamberings to six: the .30-30, .38-55, .40-65, .45 Colt, .45-70, and .4590.
Other instruments include an infrared detector on its belly for measuring sea-surface temperatures, two altimeters, a wind gauge and pressure sensors.
The wind speed limit for the Sky Swing is 10 miles per second (m/s), as indicated by an electrical wind gauge in the control cabinet on the ride.
Sprinters were up against it with the wind gauge registering minus figures.
Because of this, wind turbines aren''t suitable for a lot of homes, but if you think yours might be a candidate, fitting an anemometer (wind gauge) for at least three months is the best way to find out how much wind it gets.
(For the record, it was incorrectly reported Monday that wind readings aren't kept for the 200; they are, and certainly Gay is running fast enough that fans could be looking immediately from the clock to the wind gauge as they did Sunday.)
A wind gauge on Arakawa Bridge in Tokyo showed wind speeds in excess of 90 kilometers per hour -- the maximum limit for train runs -- at one point.
It is possible that the first a local community hears of the potential for a wind farm in their locality is a planning application for a anemometer (wind gauge).
But after a faulty wind gauge in Edmonton last August deprived him of the world junior record, a following, over-the-limit Yorkshire gust again denied him breaking ``evens``.