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1. something blown down by the wind, esp a piece of fruit
2. Chiefly US and Canadian a plot of land covered with trees blown down by the wind
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the uprooting of trees by the wind. Windfalls increase with the age of a forest. Trees suffering from root rot are particularly susceptible to windfall, as are trees grown in a dense forest that are left exposed after the felling of neighboring trees. In order to prevent windfall it is necessary to carry out systematic felling, plant wood stands, and lay wind-resistant borders.

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And that is why the big utilities players are looking forward to a long run of nice "windfall profits" on the back of the scheme.
The windfall payments were triggered when the business was taken over by Lloyds TSB last year.
Accordingly, the shareholder's stock basis cannot be increased and the "windfall" obtained by the taxpayers in Hogue and Farley is not available.
However, fierce competition among banks has now hit share prices - and windfall owners are being urged by some experts to sell up and reinvest in a wider range of stocks.
Another important limitation on capture is that, more often than not, one person's windfall is another person's loss.
Windfall currently offers financial insights on 80 million US households.
(TSX: OSK) ('Osisko') in the Windfall Lake area between Val d'Or and Chibougamau, Quebec.
Government would investigate windfall project and the cases would be referred to National Accountability Bureau, he said.
Director General Petroleum Concession apprised the committee that two contracts were signed in 1994 and 1997 for oil production in Tall block Hangu and the clause of windfall levy was not included in those agreements.
Moscow: Fitch Ratings says the windfall tax on certain metals and mining and chemicals companies reportedly being considered by the Russian government will likely put pressure on profitability and reduce available cash flows.