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We expect the pressure on ratings to be strongest on issuers facing a combination of a significant windfall tax, limited leverage headroom under current ratings, and an inability to adjust their dividend or capex accordingly.
"It's time for a windfall tax on the companies cashing in at our expense.
"The mines are projecting to hit one million tons a year by 2015, which means Zambia could easily get US$1billion if we reintroduced windfall tax from the mines," he added.
Some have argued this week that Sir John was acting as an outrider for David Cameron and that the windfall tax idea has been deliberately planted in order for the government to pick it up and run with it.
He should also pledge to impose a windfall tax as Sir John Major has suggested and renationalise the utilities, as well as Royal Mail.
In 1997, the Labour Party won control of Parliament with a platform that promised a windfall tax on the privatized utilities.
A newly proposed mining windfall tax in Namibia could potentially burden the mining industry and hinder the uranium-rich country's reputation as an investor-friendly destination, a leading miner said on Thursday.
The mining companies agreed a new tax regime with the government in 2010, which cancelled a windfall tax imposed amidst high world metals prices in 2008.
3, 2010 (CENS) -- Housing speculators who buy and then sell houses other than own residence within one year will be subject to a windfall tax as high as 30% of the sale price, according to the draft law for special tax on high income and high wealth to be put forth by the Ministry of Finance by the end of December 2010.
12 October 2010 - Three lenders may exit the Hungarian market over the windfall tax on the financial industry, Nepszava daily reported today without naming the banks or the source of its information.
Summary: Alistair Darling is thought to be considering hitting bankers with a windfall tax on their bonuses.
"There is an intention to soften or remove the windfall tax, but that will not be included in the terms," the source said.