window band

ribbon window, ribbon lights

On the façade of a building, a horizontal band of at least three windows, separated only by mullions; occasionally called a window band.
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However, complete spectral coverage is not needed to deduce atmospheric extinction out to the edge of the last window band at approximately 2300 nm.
An upstairs window band provides natural ventilation to counter the central Midwestern summer.
In deference to its southern location, the window band was somewhat narrower than comparable designs in a cooler climate.
- 3 pieces of aluminum glass window band 28 125 * 1 595 mm, DK-wing, OL, panel fields,
850 pieces of aluminum windows as element windows in a window band approx.
Brief description of the performance: - f90 interior facade, fall-proof, as steel frame construction, height window band approx.
aluminum window band 36,70 x 2,01 m, inner window sill 1 pc.
85 m 2 aluminum window band elements with, - about 62 opening blades, - about 640 m 2 aluminum facades as mullion-transom constructions with, - about 15 st.offnungsflgeln and - approx.
465 pieces, - bsh binder, Bxh = 160 x 950 mm, L = 11.13 m for skylight assembly 3 pieces, - glass roof construction over auditorium including rwa and sun protection from prefabricated window band elements approx.
113 sqm post and beam facade 158 pieces of aluminum window or window door elements 13 pcs horizontal aluminum window band elements (3 storeys) 2 pcs.
main dimensions and execution locations: demolition and metalwork: 1) window without sunscreen e-1 (boarding): single window 15 pieces; 2) multi-part windows without sun protection e1-3 (south side boarding school): 5 pieces; 3) window with sunscreen e1 (boarding): single window 41 pieces; 4) window band with sunscreen (boarding): 1 piece; 5) window as balcony door / patio door (boarding): 3 pieces; 6) exterior doors 2-flg.
1 080 m 2 window band aluminum 483 m 2 post and beam facade aluminum on steel uk