window bead

draft bead, deep bead, sill bead, ventilating bead, window bead

A small fillet or strip which is fixed to the sill of a double-hung window; permits ventilation at the meeting rail while avoiding a draft at the sill; also called a draft stop.

inside stop, bead stop, inner bead, stop bead, window bead, window stop

In a double-hung window, a strip of wood fixed to the casing, along the inner edge of the inner sash; restricts the motion of the sash to a vertical plane.
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Have the top window bead ready beside you, run a line of silicone along this, then fit.
Remove all the window beads and run a line of silicone sealant round the frame.
Remove the window beads on the side against the wall, then drill through the frame using a wood drill first , then a masonry drill to go through the brickwork.
Again remove the window beads and now you can screw through the frames.