window board

window stool, window board, elbow board

A horizontal board on a windowsill, fitted against the bottom rail of the lower sash and between the sash frame stiles; forms a base on which the casing rests; usually of wood, but may be of metal or other facing material.
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It is two stories in height, nearly square, its front pierced by a single doorway flanked on each side by a window boarded up to the very top.
"We are sticking to the last" was the defiant sign handwritten on a window board.
The Skywalk is a walk on a narrow window board around the UFO restaurant on the SNP Bridge.
There were no signs of previous leaks on the inside window board and the client had never seen water on the inside of the window.
The company's two main product ranges are the PolyCo EasyCut window board and the PolyBoard EasyFit architectural profiles.
l Nine metres of white and lilac suede cotton for blind, seat covers, window board and light boxes pounds 62.55
"Our two main product ranges are window board and architectural profiles.
Prequalification are invited for Windows and a window board from PVC complete with ebbs for a complete set of object "Capital repairs of a roof, external walls with thermal modernization and replacement of windows of the State Educational Institution" Secondary school 199 of Minsk "on the street.
Tenders are invited for Lot number 1 window board white color PVC with plugs; window sill white PVC without plugs; Lot # 2 PVC lining for the construction project "Residential building KPD 85 in the microdistrict" Bilevo-3 "in Vitebsk.
Tenders are invited for (a) demolition works (hatched in pink) including : remove walls as shown remove doors, skirtings, architraves window boards as shown remove all fixtures and fittings within the space remove ceilings dispose of all materials (b) construction works including full supply fit of: new stud walls, new doors, skirting and architrave, window boards new fixed furniture as indicated new flooring as indicated new ceilings finishes (c) services the mechanical and electrical works associated attendances builders workstype of contract: works