window glass

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window glass, sheet glass

A soda-lime-silica glass; in the US fabricated in continuous flat sheets up to 6 ft (1.83 m) wide, in thicknesses from 0.05 to 0.22 in. (1.27 to 5.59 mm); graded AA, A, and B according to quality, but the actual quality depends on the manufacturer.
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Windows (specifically window glass) need to be transparent and colorless.
When it comes to manufacturing window glass, there's only one way to handle the process: very carefully.
In the third part of the book, Fones-Wolf describes and analyzes these changes in great detail in case studies of three glass towns representing the three main branches of West Virginia's glass industry: Moundsville (table ware), Clarksburg (window glass), and Fairmont (bottles and containers).
The variation in refractive index and density across two sheets of window glass, Journal of the Forensic Science Society (1970) 10:139-148.
Aurora Glass gathers up window glass that otherwise would be buried in a landfill and turns it into colorful tiles, bowls, vases, candleholders and Christmas ornaments.
Restoration needs include $100,000 for the roof, $200,000 for window glass and stonework and $275,000 for the interior, where the walls are marked by cracks and water damage.
Some in the industry propose recyclers ditch any attempt at quality control and recycle all types of glass material--from bottles of every color to window glass, windshield glass or mirrors to achieve the largest volumes for pavement, aggregate and drainage markets.
Actors, instead of crashing painfully through real window glass, dove into large sheets of candy glass.
Police said only the special toughened window glass prevented the driver from being killed.
"We do a lot of window replacement, and most of the time it requires breaking the old window glass. We now put the carpet protector on the glass to be broken, then break the glass," Strong says.
window glass, silicone, paint, wood, paper, 42 x 22 x 19" (107 x 56 x 48 cm).
Products from the Aurora Glass Foundry are made from 100 percent recycled glass, the bulk of which is window glass donated by BRING Recycling, a local organization that accepts used building materials.