window ledge

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sill, 1
1. A horizontal timber, at the bottom of the frame of a wood structure, which rests on the foundation.
3. The horizontal bottom member of a window frame or other frame.
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By planting a few pots in our gardens or on window ledges with the right plants we can provide butterflies, moths and other pollinating insects with food and shelter.
PC Kate Medlam said: "The thieves climbed on to the window ledges to remove the lead from above the windows and in order to steal the amount taken they would have been there for a considerable amount of time.
"I'm sorry about people who will be out of work but this is for the good of the community." Another resident, who didn't want to be named, said: "We've had dust on our window ledges and cars for years.
After 11 minutes, officers arrived at Clyde Court in the Armley area of Leeds, made their way to the flat and tried to persuade the couple to climb down from separate window ledges.
Papers, takeaway cartons, and various other pieces of rubbish, obviously thrown out of the windows by the guests, caught in the netting, no doubt designed to stop pigeons fouling the window ledges.
"This is an old building and clearly the window ledges are not meant to support that kind of weight.
It sits on one of the window ledges in the living room.
But I would tend to avoid window ledges, unless you move the pots at night, as they can get very cold and hence the plants will suffer.
Keep your desk and drawers, cabinet tops, window ledges and tabletops as paper-free as possible.
In his 1965 essay "On Evasive Thinking," then-dissident Vaclav Havel identified the dangers of such hyperactive contextualizing by heaping criticism on a Czech newspaper columnist who reacted to two cases of pedestrians being killed by falling window ledges by waxing at length about the rosy future prospects made possible by the Communist Party.
Other fans perched precariously on chimneys and window ledges to make sure they witnessed England's innings.
Many of our new windows have a ledge that's about a foot deep-think of all the plants we can stuff on window ledges that large!