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However, the survey results also indicate that Windows environments are far from being secure, and improved overall visibility is essential.
The open source software applications, that have been mainly developed for the Unix and Linux oriented OS, are adopted onto the Windows environment with ease.
The iiMail system has reduced this overhead by linking the Windows environment (Active Directory(1)) and email (LDAP(2)) accounts.
com), a global software development company for the world's leading OEMs, today introduced its Servergraph Virtual Appliance for Windows(R) package, which allows companies to more effectively manage their storage backup applications in Windows environments.
0, which provides tools that make it easy to manage and configure Linux servers in a Windows environment
Channel partners can now offer their customers a simple and reliable solution to begin integrating Linux into their Windows environment -- completely supported by Novell and IBM.
3 means that PC-Duo now addresses virtually the entire spectrum of Windows environments in its general corporate, education, health, finance and government markets.
Windows professionals and storage professionals) confront the challenge of selecting network storage technologies from among the explosion of new offerings scaled and priced for Windows environments.
Marathon Technologies Corporation, the developer and supplier of the industry's only fault- and disaster-tolerant solutions for Microsoft Windows environments, has announced the latest addition to its Endurance SplitSite product line.
Leading publications, including eWeek, Information Security, Network World and Network Computing featured positive coverage of BeyondTrust, outstanding reviews of Privilege Manager and customer profiles illustrating the benefits of adopting the company's technology to enable Least Privilege in enterprise Windows environments.
It upholds Microsoft Windows environments and VERITAS Software clarifies volume management.
Our European expansion is the result of customer and systems integration partner demand and is a sign of the growing adoption of the security best practice of Least Privilege, made possible by BeyondTrust Privilege Manager, the first product to enable Least Privilege in Windows environments.