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If one makes the argument that the majority of the updrafts and downdrafts 1 are truly vertical in nature, then overall wing area exposure to the vertical currents would be less in a turn.
The total wing area was larger than a basketball court, while the entire global navigation system weighed less than a modern laptop computer.
The game was hanging precariously in the balance, the scores still goalless in the second half, when Gini Wijnaldum started scrapping for possession in the right wing area, bang in front of the away end.
The principal takeaways involve how the design increased wing area while adding relatively little drag, at least before the flap is deflected.
It also had a 25 percent larger wing area and two additional wing stations, hence yielding greater payload capacity.
But the lower body weight of the more slender kite compared with its relatively voluminous wing area - a six-foot wingspan - gives it a much more buoyant appearance, so that at times it does indeed float like the proverbial butterfly.
The parameters gathered include weights, wing area (S), wing span (b), aspect ratio (AR), height, total length, root, and tip chord length of both the wing and tail surfaces.
The aircraft's high engine-to-thrust ratio and low wing loading (the ratio of aircraft weight to its wing area) enabled the F-15 to turn tightly without losing airspeed.
"We were aware that we were presenting this piece in Vorarlberg, at the time the most right wing area of Austria and that the content and the staging might be uncomfortable.