wing feathers

wing-tip sail

wing-tip sail
A wing-tip device to produce a significant reduction in drag. At the tip of the wing, there is a strong upflow, as the air spills over from the underside. The sails are angled so that they generate a forward component of force, or negative drag. Also known as wing feathers or winglets.
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All ducks, geese and swans moult their large flight feathers, the primary wing feathers, every summer.
Abstract: Feather trauma is a common problem among pet birds, especially those with trimmed wing feathers, and often affects remiges and rectrices.
At the same time the ringer will check the bird's age, by looking at its wing feathers, and its health.
Pellet damage to bills and feet can be repaired, and most bird taxidermists offer replacement of damaged wing feathers when required.
These rough patches are quill knobs, and in modern birds they anchor the wing feathers to the skeleton to help strengthen them for active flight.
Then, it suffered an attack by ticks for which he used a herbal spray treatment and, in the monsoon, it started to naturally shed lot of wing feathers, which regrew by September.
If you're really ambitious, you can buy a feather chopper and make your own fletching out of turkey wing feathers from a turkey you have taken.
Over his shoulder you can see the extended wing feathers of his bustle.
She said: "It's a male ringneck but the wing feathers are a bit of a mess, so not sure if it's a mutation of a ringneck."
The tail and wing feathers are gray, except for the black-bordered white tips on the tail.
It is fortunately recovering but has a nasty bite mark on its body and all of its wing feathers on one side were ripped out.
Standing at a height of 4ft with long, elegant necks and a drooping, curved bustle of wing feathers spreading over the tail, cranes make a spectacular sight.