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Despite receiving several complaints, the Federal Aviation Administration's flight standards office in Portland says WingOver's planes and other small planes that use the Creswell Airport are well within the law.
The airport has received more than 20 phone calls recently about WingOver Aerobatics and other small planes, such as the ones that take skydivers up, Humble said.
When WingOver started last fall, some of the calls were from people just plain worried about what the planes were doing, she said.
I can't take the space to list all the orders this pilot violated, not counting terrifying the folks in the back, but here is the most important one: Technical Order 6-49 restricts the SNB-JRB type to "normal flying." In case there is a doubt in anyone's mind, wingovers are not considered "normal flying" in the SNB.
Halfway through the third wingover, he lost control of the SNB.
Wolf, a longtime pilot who once trained the Jordanian aerobatic team for King Hussein in the late 1970s, started Wingover Aerobatics at the airport last fall, with his wife, Liz.