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see threshingthreshing
or thrashing,
separation of grain from the stalk on which it grows and from the chaff or pod that covers it. The first known method was by striking the reaped ears of grain with a flail.
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COUNTRYSIDE: In response to letters from people looking for small threshers, we have introduced the only machine on the market that both threshes and winnows grains or beans at up to 20 pounds per hour.
With each participant listening through a pair of stereo headphones and given a sheet on which to rank the sounds, it was possible to winnow them down, compare them, and choose the finalists.
It's tough to winnow them down to just a few, but here are my "most interesting" picks from NPE 2006.
Winnow is a fifty-year-old morbidly obese Hawaiian woman with a history of diabetes, hypotension, and chronic atrial fibrillation.
Ever since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I have spent my evenings pausing and rewinding news footage of my hometown in search of some intersection or landmark so that I might winnow down the enormous and numbing sense of loss I feel.
After getting-to-know-you phone calls with all the agencies, Peerbolte visited each one to help winnow his long list.
It hit the woman near St Winnow Primary School, in Lostwithiel.
If it works, it'll be thanks to years of work by the American Chestnut Foundation, which initially bread the American chestnut with its disease-resistant Chinese cousin, then crossbred over and over to winnow out all non-American chestnut characteristics except the disease-resistance.
It's not difficult to winnow the wheat from the chaff, though, soothes Susskind.
Like lions, sharks winnow out sick and unfit members of prey species, ensuring the reproduction of only healthy individuals.
Della Crusca means "of chaff," and the group adopted its name from the Accademia della Crusca, founded in 1582 to winnow the chaff from the Italian language.
CINCINNATI -- Seapine Software can now offer software development organizations a greater range of Agile services, thanks to a new partnership with Winnow Management, a project management consulting firm.