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see threshingthreshing
or thrashing,
separation of grain from the stalk on which it grows and from the chaff or pod that covers it. The first known method was by striking the reaped ears of grain with a flail.
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This Dual-Channel was characterized by the simultaneous use of both Building and Winnowing strategies.
As a result, those entrepreneurs that survive the winnowing process will enjoy unprecedented levels of attention and support from their VC partners.
He noted that "speech codes are totally inconsistent with the sifting and winnowing tradition," adding that "guests on the Jay Lend show probably fear censorship less than UW professors.
He describes the technique, called chaffing and winnowing, in an article posted on the World Wide Web at http://theory.
The evolution of global agriculture has been a process of winnowing and refining, removing parts that do not contribute to the imperatives of shape, yield and appearance that communities and markets generally impose.
He discusses the burden on the police, courts, and prisons; the inefficiencies, violent crime, and lost tax revenue of the black market; and the winnowing of both civil liberties and respect for the law.
With the winnowing of this year's field, picking a clear favorite has been challenging work especially with racing's darling Afleet Alex and strong Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winner Hurricane Run bowing out.
The long stalks were then raked away and winnowing forks, shovels or baskets were used to throw the grain, chaff and other debris into the air so the heavier grain kernels could fall back onto the threshing floor while the lighter material was blown away by the wind.
Contract notice: Erase Construction, Reconstruction And Rehabilitation Works On The Lower Reaches Of The Tourvillelot No1: Winnowing The Fonderielot No2: Winnowing The Roquette, Leroy Threshold And Dismantling Of Hydraulic Sluicing 5
Visitors will get an up-close look at the Village's heritage breeds of livestock and methods of thrashing and winnowing grain.
Which is why winnowing objectors - many from far away and not directly affected - should put up and shut up.
This winnowing out of the unfit buildings left only those that were suitable for their environment.