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(jargon, architecture)
A term describing any computer platform consisting of some version of Microsoft Windows running on an Intel 80x86 processor or compatible.

Despite the dominance of the wintel platform, in its many forms, from MS-DOS on an Intel 8088 to Windows 2000 on a Pentium II Xeon, there are many "non-wintel" platforms in use. These include Acorn, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Atari, A\Box, Be, Network Computer, OS/2, PowerPC, Psion, Linux and all other Unix systems.

Convergence International.
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(WINdows InTEL) The world's largest desktop and laptop computer environment, which is Windows running on an Intel CPU. See Lintel and Intel Mac.
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"Industry pundits tend to misguide you," continues Iwaki, "by mischaracterizing the Wintel solution as 'open' and the Sun solution as 'proprietary.'" Methinks he has a point.
It appears the majority of the students have chosen Wintel computers.
Lenovo claims that the IdeaPad Lynx K3011 is the first "Wintel" premium productivity tablet with a detachable keyboard.
The delay, following remarks by Intel chief executive Paul Otellini, who told employees in Taiwan that Windows 8 needs improvement, underscores how the Wintel alliance that has dominated the personal computer industry for three decades is struggling to respond to the threat of Apple's iPad.
Others factors include "the declining power of the Wintel alliance, as well as Apple Inc.'s smartphone- and tablet-driven ascendency to chip purchasing leadership above traditional PC-oriented frontrunners like Hewlett-Packard," Leimbach said.
24, 2012 (CENS) -- With consumer demand to be revived by the Wintel (Windows + Intel), global notebook PC brands are mostly optimistic about market prospects, hence setting better sales goals for 2013 than they did for 2012, according to institutional investors.
'It's highly symbolic, the Wintel duopoly that was such a good partnership for so long is fraying at the edges a little bit,' said Todd Lowenstein, a portfolio manager at HighMark Capital Management.
Microsoft s licencing deal with chip-designer ARM Holdings has raised speculations that Microsoft s partnership with Intel, dubbed Wintel, will come to an end.
The two companies have so dominated the PC industry over the past few decades that the term "Wintel" (from Windows and Intel) is used to refer to PCs running Windows on a processor based on the Intel-developed x86 architecture.<p>"We work with Google on a variety of projects, including elements of this one.
It achieved a 15:1 consolidation of its 3,000 Wintel servers and saved approximately 2 megawatts of power and $2.4 million in annual energy costs.