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The process of reducing the amount of permanent magnetism in a naval vessel by placing a single coil horizontally around the vessel and moving it, while energized, up and down along the sides of the vessel.
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(1) To completely erase data from memory (RAM) or a storage device (hard disk, SSD). See file wipe.

(2) A digital video effect that places one image over another. Although there are a myriad varieties, the classic wipe is a scene transition where the next scene slides horizontally or vertically over the current one. Another common wipe is the circle wipe. A small circle that contains another scene starts to grow in the middle of the current frame and gradually fills the entire frame.
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* Once thought to be rare, wiping frogs have been reported on five continents.
These nonwoven (poly-cellulose blend) wipes are suitable for a variety of surfaces and wiping applications.
The Kimtech Large Surface Wiping Applicator uses aerospace wipes mounted on a flexible applicator head designed to hug contoured areas for more efficient cleaning.
"Aviation industry workers must have the best wiping tools available to make sure every job is done right the first time," says Marianne Santangelo, go-to-market leader, manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark Professional.
We Love Wipes aims to raise the overall awareness of wipes by providing objective, brand-free information on the wide range of wipes, different end use applications and various features of wiping products.
PowerTex's wiping cloth, Eco-Wipe, is a spunlace wiping cloth that is manufactured using 100% recycled fibers that have been harvested from the garment industries' cast-offs and nonwoven fabric trim waste.
A beautiful design with the scrubby side in purple and the wiping side in white, it didn't last long on the market.
Go along for a ride through segments of populations using wiping products, and then add in various special interest groups and you have a fascinating look at current offerings.
Boogie Wipes brand, launched in late 2007, crosses into healthcare with wipes that are impregnated with saline and moisturizing agents to combat the dryness suffered by children repeatedly wiping their noses.