wire drawing

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wire drawing

[′wī·ər ‚drȯ·iŋ]
The reduction of the diameter of a metal rod or wire by pulling it through a die or a series of dies.
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Wire drawing

The reduction of the diameter of a metal rod or wire by pulling it through a die. The working region of dies are typically conical (see illustration). The tensile stress on the drawn wire, that is, the drawing stress, must be less than the wire's yield strength. Otherwise the drawn section will yield and fail without pulling the undrawn wire though the die. Because of this limitation on the drawing stress, there is a maximum reduction that can be achieved in a single drawing pass. After large drawing reductions, wires or rods develop crystallographic textures or preferred orientations of grains. The textures are characteristic of the crystal structure of the metal. See Alloy, Metal, Metal, mechanical properties of, Metallurgy

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By Type - The rolling mill and other metalworking machinery manufacturing market is segmented into wire drawing and fabricating machinery, coil winding and cutting machinery, rolling mill machines, others.
"This has seen us source and configure new wire drawing machines, which come with touch screen technology that gives the operator more real-time information, such as length to weight conversion and machine temperatures."
The company's manufacturing processes include hydrochloric acid cleaning and coating, wire drawing, electro-galvanising, aluminising, and continuous coil annealing.
These wire rods undergo long processing such as heat treatment and wire drawing to take the end-product shape.
Filtertech is an international producer of liquid filtration and waste disposal systems for industrial coolant applications including wire drawing, aluminum and steel rolling, machining, grinding, process water applications such as CV water, caster water, vibratory applications and optical lens generating.
3, we note that in the wire drawing zone higher temperatures are observed, and this can be seen in both minimum and maximum values.
Our core technologies are Wire drawing, Wire forming, Torque processing, and Coating technology.
Industries for which Halifax was world famous are well represented - worsted cloth production, carpet weaving, machine tools, wire drawing, toffee and sweet making, washing machines, cats' eyes and much more.
The TV uses a CNC 1mm diamond cutting technology and wire drawing design to offer a classy and premium look.
P-glass was chosen as a filler because this material has similar thermal processing parameters to many thermoplastic polymers, meaning that the chance of initiating wire drawing within our matrix materials was likely [24].
"Ancient Egyptians were already equipped with knowledge on wire drawing, hammering, embossing, inlaying, sculpting, and molding 4,000 years ago.