wire height

carpet pile height

The height of the pile yarn above the backing material; usually expressed in inches or millimeters.
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= 2 m Shield wire height on tower (Ztower) = 8 m Phase conductor height on tower (Zphase) = 6.41 m Trains height = 5 m Span length = 50 m System voltage = 25 kV
Some growth will occur above the top set of catch wires, thus a mammoth 8-foot top wire height should not be in order.
Results on three-phase test-line Wire height, m 2.21 2.18 2.21 Wire space, m 1.02 1.01 2.03 Voltage (RMS), V 220.67 231.51 219.49 Table 2.
Wire height was assigned randomly to sites (n = four sites/height treatment) such that barbed wire strands were 70 or 80 cm above ground representing 20 or 30 cm above the feed trough.
Thomas Post, vineyard manager for Post Familie Vineyards in Altus, Ark., uses a Y-shaped Geneva Double Curtain with a wire height of 6 feet.