wire mesh

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welded-wire fabric, welded wire mesh

welded-wire fabric
A series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged at right angles to each other and welded together at all points of intersection; used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete.
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The first step of experimental work was cutting of wire mesh according to the size of specimen and binding the wire mesh with skeletal steel with the help of binding wire.
The completed rectangular coop kit costs around $300--less than the hooped coop, because it uses less expensive white plastic pipe, but it requires slightly more welded wire mesh.
We are advising people to do whatever they can to protect their property, but wire mesh is not one of the suggestions we would make.
BX11, BX12--One layer of chicken wire mesh and Ferro cement
Similarly, we propose to construct a detector module from one set of high-voltage plates, wire mesh grid and array of wire strip electrodes as depicted in Fig.
and they are able to handle the heavy loadings, which would Ire different from a wire mesh deck on a vibratory screen," he says.
Other counties, however are cursed with the grey variety, which often dig up and eat spring bulbs, even finding their way underneath wire mesh and other under-soil barriers above the bulbs.
Steel wire mesh is used in some applications because its melting point is so much higher than the pouring temperatures of aluminum (1400-1500F) or copper base (2000-2200F) alloys.
The use of automated shot blasting technology is very advanced in foundries, and Rosler have recently sold several of their RDGE wire mesh belt continuous flow blast machines into the automotive supply chain.
Most manufacturers also offer varieties of wire mesh as a cord-grip attachment.
Certified ISO 9001/QS-9000, AWP manufactures rigid and folding corrugated steel containers, rigid and folding wire mesh containers and wire mesh rack decking.
Davies Woven Wire (DWW), UK supplier of woven wire mesh belting, have constructed a large, one-off stainless steel conveyor using Tsubaki UK's specialist hollow pin conveyor chain.