wire mesh

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welded-wire fabric, welded wire mesh

welded-wire fabric
A series of longitudinal and transverse wires arranged at right angles to each other and welded together at all points of intersection; used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete.
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PVC coated welded wire mesh were added in 24 concrete specimens, with 4 different percentages of fiber volume, starting from 0% as the reference specimen, and increasing up to 1.5%, with the increment of 0.5%.
As shown in Figures 2(a-2)-2(a-4), the cathode basket used is only made of the porous material (STS wire mesh) without using a nonporous material.
Mahmood et al in 2008 [3] also concluded that increasing the number of layers of wire mesh from 1 to 3 significantly increases the ductility and capability to absorb energy of both types of the panel.
Cooper said: "I reinforced my shed windows with wire mesh, but was told by the police I had to be very careful because thieves can actually sue you if they get hurt.
BX11, BX12--One layer of chicken wire mesh and Ferro cement
Our initial goal is for a 1 cm position resolution, using 5 mm wide strips located below a wire mesh that amplifies the electron charge in a localized region.
"This company has worked with wide wire mesh belts for many years.
Potter & Soar, the UK's leading manufacturer of architectural wire mesh, has recently launched Solaris, a pre-crimped wire mesh pattern that combines a vertical crimped weave with flat horizontal wires to create a slatted Venetian blind effect.
A wire mesh also links them, holding two little starfish as if in a net--the romantic catch of the day.
High daily doses of three B-vitamins (folate, B-6, and B-12) increased the risk that coronary arteries would close again (restenosis) after they were propped open with a wire mesh tube (stent) ...
* The lower wire mesh grille is electro-plated and polished.