wire mesh partition

mesh partition

A partition constructed of a framework which is closed by heavy wire mesh; acts as a barrier against unauthorized entry, but provides for the passage of air, heat, and light; does not obstruct operation of a sprinkler system; used to protect and secure an area, such as a stockroom.
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California Wire Products (Cal-Wire), one of America's leading wire mesh partitions manufacturers, has announced their upcoming 70-year anniversary.
Custom Design and Wire Mesh Partitions Manufacturers
The company will clear the site, clear and demolish, mass excavate and grade and the project also includes bicycle storage racks on the ground floor, illuminated sign age, wire mesh partitions, a car count system and architectural pre cast that will secure the new structure to an existing building, it added.
Products designed, supplied, and installed include shelving, mezzanines, loading-dock equipment, wire mesh partitions, lockers, and architectural products such as washroom partitions and accessories.
The powder coat finishing process is applied to its safety systems, including robotic enclosures, wire mesh partitions, stair rail inserts, machinery guards, and focal displays.