wire tie

tie wire

An annealed iron wire, used to tie steel reinforcing bars together in reinforcement, 1.
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Following the acquisition, the company together will be called as Accent Wire Tie.
One of the items on the auction block was a Case stationary wire tie baler in working order.
99 fizzy fruit juice drink in a champagne-shaped bottle with gold foil, wire tie and distinctive cork, looks just like the adult version.
He says this helps to lessen the expansion of the bale and wire tie failures.
The receptacle half has an integral loop for securing the connectors to the support structure using a wire tie.
We've fixed this problem by running a wire tie through the two latches.
Each baler was also specified with an automated wire tie system.
L&P Wire Tie Systems says its Model 330 system, long marketed under the U.
disconnect finger, wire tie tool, pruning equipment, bulb changers, wire brush cleaner, fuse removers, etc.
Use a wire tie to hold the lines out of the way of the fan.
Max rebar tying tools run a variety of wire ties including TW1525 regular steel wire, TW1525-EG electro galvanized wire, TW1525-PC polyester coated wire, TW897A regular steel wire, TW897A-PC polyester coated wire, and TW897A-EG electric galvanized steel wire.
This product requires no tools, and accurately aligns the rebar and is nearly twice as strong as traditional wire ties.