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A thin wire trace is advisable (about 10cm long), as tigerfish will often take the bait.
It is vital you use a steel wire trace to prevent the pike's powerful jaws and sharp teeth from chomping through the line and swimming away with hooks in its mouth.
Graham Mann tempted the personal best from the Worcester area using a bleak deadbait on a size 2 hook on a wire trace during a morning session on the big river, beating it using 15lb line.
He legered a dead roach on size 8 trebles and a 20lb wire trace.
Richard, who was fishing with two mackerel as bait, on a 2/0 hook to a 600lb wire trace, said:
He refitted with a strong wire trace and rubbing leader and cast more bait to the same area.
Keeping the wire trace short on the strip bait also increases the chance of a bite.
Steel wire trace and barbless are a must, because a pike can easily chomp through nylon and swim away with hooks in its mouth, and the use of a landing net at all times is also urged.
Pete, who has bagged 40 pike in his last 12 sessions, targets sections with far-bank reeds with home-tied fly patterns, matched with a 38lb wire trace, 18lb fluorocarbon leader and a WF12 floating line.