wired glass

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wire glass, wired glass, safety glass

Sheet glass containing wire mesh embedded between the two faces to prevent shattering in the event of breakage.
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Caption: In the early 20th century, wired glass could be found in office buildings everywhere.
A singular advantage wired glass has offered over the years has been its affordability.
The decision followed a national awareness and lobbying campaign led by Greg Abel, whose son was seriously injured when his arm pushed through wired glass, and state Sen.
SuperLite I-WT[TM]: The first wired glass to meet not just the minimum--but the highest--CPSC impact safety standard.
The state's Building Codes Division on Wednesday will end a long-standing exemption that permitted wired glass to be used in some locations.
The beam - think of it as a stiff-armed teen - flew forward and smashed the wired glass easily, leaving a halo of shards and wire.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn't single out wired glass accidents in its surveys.
For years, fire-rated glass was recognized as one product: wired glass. While effective for fire and life safety, wired glass tended to project an institutional look most wanted to avoid.
The type of sheet glass is float glass non wired glass cup shape.
A middle school student injured when he shoved his hand through a span of wired glass at Jefferson Middle School has prompted the Eugene School District to replace the fire-safety material in widespread use throughout its schools.
A product liability lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Eugene claims that wired glass is unsafe and regulators are negligent for not recognizing the risk posed by the material - panes that enclose a wire mesh to prevent shattering during a fire.