wireless LAN

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wireless LAN

(wireless Local Area Network) A communications network that provides connectivity to wireless devices within a limited geographic area. Wi-Fi is the universal standard for connecting laptops and mobile devices in a home or office. It is commonly deployed alongside of Ethernet, and both wireless and wired devices can exchange data with each other for backup and file sharing. At home, Wi-Fi can also serve as the only network since all laptops and many printers come with Wi-Fi built in, and Wi-Fi can be added to desktop computers via USB. See Ethernet.

Wi-Fi is achieved with a wireless base station, called an "access point" (AP). The access point's antennas transmit and receive radio frequencies within a range of 30 to 150 feet indoors through walls and other non-metal barriers. The outdoor range can be double that or more. For Wi-Fi standards, see 802.11. See Wi-Fi hotspot, cellular hotspot, wireless router, LAN switch, wireless broadband and WPAN.

Wi-Fi in a Company
In a big company, access points, switches and routers are stand-alone devices. In addition, industrial strength commercial products can cost 10 times as much as consumer devices.

Wi-Fi in the Home
For the home and small office, a wireless router combines three network devices in one box. For more details, see wireless router.
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Managed Wireless LAN easily scales as business needs grow, relieving customers of the cost and administrative burden of keeping core technology and software up to date.
Major factors to influence the growth of the voice over wireless LAN market are efficient & low-cost WiFi solution, improved indoor coverage through WiFi, and its ability to handle increasing data traffic.
Connecting to a company's wireless LAN, however, demands a high level of security, as this also may be a connection to the company's internal network.
The value of Motorola's wireless LAN business could not be determined.
"We are excited about D-Link being included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Infrastructure.
The wireless LAN radio module can be controlled by a LANCOM wireless LAN Controller / wireless switch for 24/7 monitoring of security policies and Quality of Services guidelines, the company said.
Combined with the Wi-Fi(r) certified WiLD MAC and Modem, it provides a complete wireless LAN solution for integration into a SoC.
The RT2880 is the industry's first Wireless LAN Intelligent Network Interface Card (iNIC) on a chip.
The radio units require weather-sealed, air-conditioned enclosures, increasing the power requirements over those of a typical wireless LAN.
"With its single-channel architecture, the system provides the coverage necessary to give our students and employees ubiquitous access to the applications they need," says Michael Griego, wireless LAN project manager for UTD.
Bruce Alexander's 802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying And Installation (1587051648, $55.00) is a recommended pick for wireless LAN installers who want a technical key to site surveying methods.
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