wireless bridge

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wireless bridge

(1) See Wi-Fi bridge.

(2) A device that connects two LAN segments together via infrared or microwave transmission. A wireless bridge is often used to span buildings and provides a more economical method than laying cable or leasing a private line. Long distance wireless bridges often require line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver; however, bridges used inside a home or building that add remote devices to a Wi-Fi network do not (see Wi-Fi bridge).

Spanning Geographic Areas
A wireless bridge is used to span buildings or areas where laying cable or leasing lines is prohibitive.

Securing Hotspot Access
A wireless bridge can also be used to secure a local wireless network that accesses the Internet via a public hotspot. By wiring the bridge into the WAN port of the router, it serves as a gateway between the private encrypted network and the hotspot, which is not encrypted.
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Its SpeedFusionTM technology bonds multiple 3G/4G/LTE and network (Wi-Fi and wired) connections, and is central to the ProHD Wireless Bridge, which becomes a remote broadcasting hub.
The new D-LinkAir DWL-900AP Combination Wireless Bridge or Access Point provides users with the ability to weave a "web" of wireless connectivity across large areas when set to one of the two bridging modes or create a wireless network infrastructure in access point mode.
All Speedlan wireless bridges support everything from simple point-to-point connections to more complex point-to-multipoint operations.
Aironet wireless bridges also are easily re-deployed to other sites to keep pace with changing communication needs.
Most manufacturers offer their wireless bridge products in two configurations: one for transmission between buildings no more than two to three miles apart and one for longer distances.
The HD26200 is made up of two high performance Ubiquiti network radios with integrated 17dbi dual polarity antennas that are configured in wireless bridge mode.
In addition to award winning support, the AireLink Series is now the most affordable and highest performance 60 GHz wireless bridge family on the market, enabling organizations to connect buildings or towers up to a mile away and 'cut the cord' on their leased lines, which eliminates recurring monthly fees and can also keep sensitive data within a private network for greatly enhanced cyber security and protection from information theft and eavesdropping.
Lumera's wireless bridge offers high data rate transmission at low cost in an integrated solution, while avoiding the expense of digging and laying optical fiber.
com)-- LightPointe, a leading manufacturer of Gigabit capacity outdoor point-to-point wireless bridges, announced a special Customer Appreciation Two for One promotion which runs through the end of the year.
Worldwide Computer Products News-4 May 2001-Bluesocket launch secure wireless bridge for 802.
The wireless bridge was installed by SRC to extend Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity to another building without having to incur the cost of trenching for fiber or paying for leased line service.

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