wireless cable

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wireless cable

[‚wīr·ləs ′kā·bəl]
A television broadcasting system in which signals are collected and transmitted to towers for net transmission to homes outfitted with special antennas.
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(Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service or Microwave Multipoint Distribution Service) A digital wireless transmission system that works in the 2.2-2.4 GHz range. Also known as "wireless cable," MMDS requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver, which can be 30 or more miles apart.

MMDS was designed initially as a one-way service for bringing cable TV to subscribers in remote areas or in locations that are difficult to install cable. It supports approximately 33 analog and more than 100 digital TV channels. In late 1998, the FCC opened up the technology for two-way transmission, enabling MMDS to provide data and Internet services to subscribers. See AWS, LMDS and DBS.
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is a designer and manufacturer of broadband wireless systems, focusing on MMDS "Wireless Cable" solutions for the provision of video, voice, and high speed internet services.
obtained LMDS licenses at the 1999 Federal Communications Commission auction and is now preparing to deploy broadband wireless services such as high speed Internet access, (POTS) plain old telephone service, high speed data, video conferencing and wireless cable TV.
ACS serves 74 Alaska communities, offering local, long distance, cellular, Internet and wireless cable.
Similar panel antennas are also available for the 800 to 900 MHz, PCS and wireless cable frequency bands.

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