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(Service Set IDentifier) The name assigned to a Wi-Fi (wireless) network. All devices in the network must use this case-sensitive name to communicate over Wi-Fi, which is a text string up to 32 bytes long. Out of the box, wireless routers and access points have a default SSID, which may be the manufacturer's name, such as "linksys" or "netgear" or simply "default." Some devices use their model number as the SSID. Using a Web browser, the SSID (and password) can be manually changed in the device's configuration settings. See WPA.

The SSID Normally Broadcasts Itself
Computers identify all the wireless networks they find when they boot up, because Wi-Fi networks normally broadcast their SSID identity (see SSID broadcast). Even if the SSID is hidden to the general public, the name can be entered permanently into the users' machines in order to reconnect at start up. See wireless LAN and access point.

For Wireless Access - Not For Sharing
The SSID is the name used to connect to a wireless network. A workgroup or domain name is the name used for user groups to share files over any network, wired or wireless. In short, Wi-Fi is accessed by SSID; files are accessed by workgroup or domain name. See workgroup-based network and domain-based network.
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Longtime Cingular subscribers have now completed a full lap, as just three years ago the up-and-coming wireless company purchased AT&T's cellular unit and kicked the AT&T Wireless name.
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"The strategy has really been about finding new business and getting the Cable & Wireless name into a lot more places.
It currently offers cellular service marketed under the Cellular One(R) and Western Wireless name in 19 western states.
The challenge has been that 80 percent of business came from operations that did not carry the Cable & Wireless name. Hongkong Telecom CSL, Optus in Australia, and Mercury, and Granada Group in the U.K.
Once you have connected to the Internet using the wizard, you will have to configure a wireless name or SSID for your router and click "Next" on the setup wizard window.
The Novatel Wireless name and logo and MiFi are trademarks of Novatel Wireless, Inc.
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