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communicating without connecting wires or other material contacts
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A term describing a computer network where there is no physical connection (either copper cable or fibre optics) between sender and receiver, but instead they are connected by radio.

Applications for wireless networks include multi-party teleconferencing, distributed work sessions, personal digital assistants, and electronic newspapers. They include the transmission of voice, video, images, and data, each traffic type with possibly differing bandwidth and quality-of-service requirements. The wireless network components of a complete source-destination path requires consideration of mobility, hand-off, and varying transmission and bandwidth conditions. The wired/wireless network combination provides a severe bandwidth mismatch, as well as vastly different error conditions. The processing capability of fixed vs. mobile terminals may be expected to differ significantly. This then leads to such issues to be addressed in this environment as admission control, capacity assignment and hand-off control in the wireless domain, flow and error control over the complete end-to-end path, dynamic bandwidth control to accommodate bandwidth mismatch and/or varying processing capability.

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Transmission through the air. Although all forms of radio transmission over the air (AM, FM, TV, cordless phones, cellphones, etc.) are naturally wireless, there is a tendency for the term to refer only to Wi-Fi or to cellular data services. For example, a cellular provider may call its extra-cost data service wireless, although its voice service is obviously wireless as well.

Wireless Light Too
The word "wireless" is also used in optical communication systems that transmit light pulses over the air (see optical wireless communication). See radio, Wi-Fi, cellular generations and wireless glossary.

Wireless Means Wi-Fi
This Epson printer supports Wi-Fi (wireless) and Ethernet (wired).

Wireless Is Everywhere
To measure usage, this Oral-B electric toothbrush sends signals to an RFID chip in the brush head, which sends back its ID. The toothbrush also transmits a Bluetooth-like signal to the readout to keep track of brushing time.

Wireless in the Late 1920s
Radio was becoming very popular in the 1920s, but this "wireless" device patented in 1927 was a bag for holding ice. See radio.

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After the guns fell silent, the security forces searched the area and recovered - a 12 bore gun, one bharmar rifle (muzzle loading gun), a wireless set, codex wire 1.5 metre, a detonator, an electric multimeter, a radio, a couple of batteries, solar plates, solar plate, pitthu bags and some Maoist-related material from the spot.
Sources said that the officials of Indian Intelligence agencies have given a code name to President Obama -- " Dexxxxxxx" -- and they will communicate using this code name on their wireless sets.
The Police also arrested Abbas s/o Alladad Lashari, father of the deceased outlaw in injured condition and recovered the snatched rifle and wireless set with 222 bore rifle, 30 bore pistol and live rounds.
According to a senior police official, initially Bega Ram searched for the device, but after five days he realised that someone had stolen his wireless set from the police station.
An SIU team nabbed the ring leader of the gang and recovered 30 bore pistol along with ammunition, blue revolving light, commando uniform along P-cap, fake wireless set sand white corolla from the nabbed persons identified as Sardar Wali s/o Lashkari Khan r/o Dhok Jellani Bhara Kahu, Islamabad.
He also claimed to possess Pakistan's army vehicle, soldiers' weapons and a wireless set. (ANI)
Earlier, the Punjab police had sent Davis' belongings, including two cell phones, sim cards, a wireless set and a GPS device, to the Interior Ministry for detailed forensic analysis.
A MOTORCYCLE and a wireless set belonging to a head constable were stolen from the premises of a Kirti Nagar police station in West Delhi on Friday night.
According to sources, the team recovered a pistol, facial make-up, ATM cards of five different banks, wireless set and pictures of different areas of Multan, Sargodha and Lahore, the Dawn reports.
The IGP was briefed that 22 vehicles, 108 motorcycles, 38 metal detectors, 78 wireless set and 34 barriers had been provided in these police stations.

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